Monday, August 15, 2011

Stablemate 1:32 scale English Saddle

I'm trying to post something from my cell phone now, so pardon any typos!  I'm excited for all this new blog stuff (new to me, old hat to everyone else I'm sure), even though I don't think anyone is reading my posts.  Oh well.  This weekend I got the idea to make the same English saddle in all scales, to test my diversity in different scales. I've really only worked in traditional and a teeny bit in stablemate. I dabbled once in micro-mini but it was a western saddle and I still haven't finished. It's a little too small maybe! I've never tried classic or little bits sizes for anything, and I haven't tried MM in english. 

So, here's my progress so far with the SM set. I'm waiting for my stirrups to come from England, as I'm trying a totally new stirrup this time.  I tried a "fancy" stuffed knee roll, but that's hard to translate in 1:32 scale.  I think it looks alright...good enough anyway!  I did a soda can tree, padded knee rolls, nail head that's actually metal (not just dab of silver paint), faux stitching around flaps, and stuffed panels.  I don't have any billets on this for a girth.  I'm contemplating a sticky wax attached girth instead of something with a buckle.  One side will be glued down, and you will only be able to attach the other side with wax.  It'll make it a lot easier for tacking up at a show.  What about a saddle pad?  The last SM saddle I made, I permanently attached the saddle pad.  I like that idea again for ease, but this saddle could be a versatile flat saddle or jumping saddle.  Maybe I'll keep the pad separate in case I want to change out with something else.  Hmm, thoughts?

P.S.  Can't load images from the phone, but this whole Evo4G Google phone + Blogger + Picassa web album is pretty nifty!  I can just upload pix from my phone right to Picassa!  This is new to me :)

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