Sunday, August 28, 2011

LittleBits/Paddock Pals/Pebbles scale (1:24) saddle -- completed!

Ahh, I can breathe a sigh of relief now...I'm finally done!  Ok ok, no need to be over dramatic.  It's not a relief since there was no pressure, but whatever :)  Let me just post some photos and descriptions.

In the last post, you saw some LB stirrups that I found in my tack box.  Well, my non-UK supplies order came in yesterday and I got a different set of stirrups -- Sulser ones this time.  Normally, I don't like the Sulser hardware all that much, but I like these particular ones *much* better than what I had.  They look to be a good size for this saddle.   Tonight, it looks less off-scale than I did before.  Go figure!  Maybe it's all about photographing it at the right angles.

Also, here's a close-up of a hook that I'm going to use when I actually make some accessories for this saddle.  It'll be for some kind of breastplate, but I don't know what yet.  Nevermind the fact that it's brown leather, not cut well, and sits all high on the horse's neck...I just have it there so I don't lose that little hook!  I'll work out something creative.

BTW, all these photos are shot with my cell phone's camera.  Pretty decent minus the grey bar thing at the bottom, eh?  Maybe that's for captioning...I don't know!

Also, I'll post some other items on my workbench.  I have a brown traditional bridle with flash noseband in the works.  I'm trying to make a nice set for my mom so that when I go to a show, she'll have something to show too.  I'm trying out a few new elements:  braided reins (not laced like you normally see...really plaited), inlaid metal detailing on the browband, and raised noseband.  I don't like the braided reins...the braids are not even, but they start looking better towards the right side of the photo.  It's hard to cut a 3/32" piece of skived down leather into 4 tiny little strips, and then actually braid them.  I'm going to try something else.  Maybe just the regular laced reins.  Hmm, I don't know.

That's it for now.  Time for some dinner -- yummy zucchini pie!  Take care and have a nice weekend :)

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