Monday, August 22, 2011

LB 1:24 saddle -- minor updates

After posting something on MH$P to gain someone else's perspective on the saddle, I guess the flap was too big after all.  I cut off quite a bit and I think it looks better now.  We'll see -- I post pix here so I can get another look at the creation.  In person, they always look pretty good but it's not until I see them on a computer screen that I can tell what needs to be improved upon.  Anyway, below is the fixed flap.  Better, right? 

Does this saddle look too big overall for LB?  I looked up some other hunter QH's and they have such long backs....the end of the saddle winds up about mid-back.  This guy has the saddle going almost to the flank.  He's either short-crouped or my sense of perspective is off.  I don't have any in-between sized models....maybe this would look better on a curio sized horse. Ugh, maybe I should scrap it and start over. 


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