Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Does anyone else get tons of spam rereferrer traffic on their blogs?  I've been getting lots ofhits from,, and  Don't click any of those...I read that they can link you to porn or viruses.  But, I was just curious if anyone else gets that too.

My new Affinity came the other day...she (he in my horse's case) is a really cool looking model.  I have lots of racing tack that I want to make, just need to narrow it down a bit.  I almost think another Secretariat set might be cool.  I made one once before and it's a shame it isn't being shown.  It's a very striking combo.  I have a prototype hood on him just for fun...I don't like that one too much.  I'm embarrassed to say what the fabric is too! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm plugging away...

Does anyone watch Ready for Love? «sigh» Tim Lopez :-)
I end up working on my saddle during the commercials.  I already had the side flap made, now it's permanently on.  I just need to attach the trim, so that'll probably be done by tomorrow.  Enjoy, whoever is looking!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Little progress

I don't know why I'm going so slow.  How's it looking today?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

What's "writer's block" called if you're a tackmaker?

I don't know why I have tackblock!  I've been stuck in the same place with this saddle for about a month.  I think the shape is great, I don't love the shiny finish of the spray dye.  It's not bad or anything, but I was hoping for the finish of a new leather saddle.  Not glossy, but has a healthy sheen to it.  I bought some matte sealant, but oddly enough it just enhances the shine so I won't be using that on the saddle.  What to do!

Also, I need to sort out the suede knee rolls.  I think I'll just do some backwards skiver, but I don't think I have anything that's the right color.  Maybe just some backwards natural'll compliment the mahogany saddle tone anyway.  We shall see.  Going to Milwaukee today with my mom for her 2nd Mother's Day celebration, so maybe I'll feel inspired when I get home.

On a side note, I went to the Boston Terrier Nationals in Chicago this past Monday/Tuesday and we earned another Rally title - Rally Excellent in the B level.  We got 1st place, 2nd place, and 4th place with scores of 98, 90, and 90.  I was happy with the 98 because we beat out people who were working on RAE (already have their Excellent title).  There were two other 98's but I was the fastest!  I wasn't too happy with the 90's, but taking into account that we haven't trained at all since July 2012 and I basically plucked my dog off the couch for this show, I'll take it!  He was so tuckered out when we got home...he was extra sleepy for like 3 days after :)