Friday, August 26, 2011

LB saddle flap detail

I've made some more progress on the LB saddle.  I'm waiting on some stirrups for this saddle too before I completely attach the flap.  These small scale saddles work a lot better just to not have adjustable stirrup leathers.  What you see is a completed flap.  I think it looks good after the last wave of modifications.  Scale looks good enough.

A side Breyer no longer making Paddock Pals/LB models?  I tried to find some on their site the other day in hopes of finding a better model than this old stock horse, and I couldn't find any current models.  Hmm...interesting.  Thanks to the folks at, I could see all the available molds in this size...not very many at all!  I think if I could get my hands on a LB Unicorn, he'd make a nice looking huntseat mold after a little CM'ing.  Or, maybe a nice resin.  I was going to try and stick to a jumping horse theme, but doesn't look like that's going to happen!  I don't have a jumping LB or jumping classic.  Ah well.

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