Monday, October 10, 2011

Valor's Racing Set

My Valor just came over the weekend, so I'm taking a pic of the bridle so far.  I'm finally through with my dog shows, dog training (for a week anyway), and I'm taking a vacation from work!  YAY! :)  It should be a good week.  Anyway, I'll be doing more work on the set this week but I wanted to post a good pic of what I have so far.  I remembered to bring my digital camera + Dolica photo studio home from work, so you can see more details.

EDIT:  I started on the race hood and I'm posting progress below.  I need to add blue eyecups, some cheek straps, little leather bits like the real hood from the '70s, and then trim out the rest of the border in while then we should be good. 

Reference for me so I don't have to keep finding the files buried in my computer:

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