Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Racing Set Updates -- nearing completion

I am doing work on the girths now.  The undergirth will be a glue-only type of deal, and the overgirth will have a working buckle but should be glued in place to reduce stress on the leather parts.  Undergirth is done.  The overgirth just needs a strap & the strap keepers.   

The hood is done.  It has those long straps on both sides so that Lisa can glue them down to her horse.  Glue and trim off the remaining pieces.

I have the saddle mostly done, though I am debating on whether to create a bottom to it or not.  There is no need really since it'll be permanently attached to the horse.  I'll figure something out as I have a little tweaking on the front end I want to do.

The bridle also mostly done.  I have a buckle keeper to add, and just some sheaths over where the rubber meets the leather on the farside rein.  Otherwise, that should do it.

Lastly, I have the black #2 saddle cloth to start.  Since I'll be making it myself instead of outsourcing like I usually do on the saddle cloths (and I have no idea how to use a sewing machine), I think I'll be using the iron-on hemming adhesive.  I used that once before and had good results.  As for the #2 in white, I'll do an iron-on transfer if Kinko's can print something in white ink for me.  I liked how it turned out on my previous saddle cloth that I made.  I think Secretariat also raced with a chamois and possibly a foam pad under his saddle.  I think I'll include that too, since you'll be able to see part of it when the cloth is flipped back.
And that just about does it for today.  It's going a little slower than usual, but I'm putting more time into making this a great set.  Too bad it won't be for the show ring! 

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