Sunday, October 23, 2011

Racing Set Updates

I'm finally coming down the home stretch for my racing set.  I have the bridle & hood done, I'm just currently waiting on my leather clearcoat to dry on the saddle before assembling the whole thing (killing some time online while I wait), then I just have the girths & blanket to make.  Then we should be all good.  I'll edit this post later in the evening when I get the saddle assembled.

Edit (sort of):
 The saddle isn't fully assembled, but I hand-stitched the Ewalt brand logo on both flaps.  The overhang there will be factored in there when the flaps are actually glued down, the stirrups glued in, and the stuffed panel added.  That should about take care of it!  It's a brown saddle with glossed finish. 

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