Friday, October 7, 2011

Racing Pix & Dewey

Ok, I think Valor will be here tomorrow but I feel like posting a little something now.  I realized that blogs are pretty boring without some pictures to look at!

We'll start with a photo of Secretariat, and the main inspiration of what I'm doing.  This is essentially what I'll be making.  It's hard to find a photo of his saddle without a Ron Turcotte sitting in it, so I think that gives me a little creative license to make something neat!

Here's just a quick shot of my bridle so far.  The white cheek strap will be hiding under the racing hood, so there's no need for buckles.  If it were for someone in the hobby, I'd be doing it a little different but it's just going to be glued to the horse in this case.  The blue straps are working buckles, and I'm doing loop end reins with orange rubber grips.  I've taken the dimensions from a particular brand of rein that's 56" long in real life, or 12" bit to grip x 24" grips x 20" grip to end.  I know it's a little different than his photo dimensions, but the rubber is pretty resistant to glue!  It's better if just the leather can be glued down instead.  He'll have a white browband, brown-ish saddle with some type of embellishment, blue checker hood, and everything else you can see in the photo (tack-wise).  This is a very handsome set in real life, so I sure hope my scale version turns out just as nice!

And of course there's Dewey who thinks he's the "other" kind of show dog and not just an obedience dog  :)

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