Sunday, March 3, 2013

Harness Commission Photos & Life Updates

It's 3 months into 2013 already...where did the time go?! Let's see, what's going on with me.

Living Situation: Things have been super crazy with the move. Move-out dates kept changing, or I should say keep changing. The bank hasn't even taken full control of my folks' house yet, so they keep going back over there to see if they missed anything during the pack/move. I've been set for awhile, so I'm not too worried about it. We've been living at my house for 2 weeks today, and it's actually not so bad. Things are still a bit cramped, boxes are all piled in my dining room, and I don't feel quite settled in. I'm sleeping on an air mattress until my basement gets carpeted -- that's where my bedroom will be. Ah well, it'll be all fine soon enough. I have Home Depot coming with my carpet in a couple weeks, and just yesterday I got a well-timed promo coupon in the mail for 24-months financing which is very helpful.

Personal Life: Nothing to report! Oh wait, finally paid of my student loan a couple days ago. Yay! I feel VERY good about that :)

 Model Horsing: I agreed to take on a harness commission before the move with the intent on starting it after we were settled in my house, and thought I would have had all January + February to work on the thing. With all the date shifting, I was just able to start it 2 weeks ago and I finally wrapped up an hour ago. I think that's record time! I'm very happy with how it turned out too. I had my real horse's harness to go by, but just some of the details I was able to incorporate really make me excited that it'll be shown. This is only the 2nd harness I've ever made. My first one won at nearly every show it was at, and it didn't look nearly as nice as this one. I have high hopes! I have some cell phone photos of digicam is at work I think. I don't know, maybe it's packed. EDIT (4/24/13):  I accidentally deleted the photo album so they're gone -- oops!

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